Exhibition “Finding Myself” Oberhafen Hamburg

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“Finding Myself” – My first exhibition in Hamburg.

From March 16. 2018 until April 15. 2018, I am going to show the artworks of my series “Finding Myself” at the Oberhafen in Hamburg. The exhibition can be visited four entire weeks at the Studio Bizco+Emily, a new and growing network of artists in Hamburg. The opening begins at 6 pm.

The series “Finding Myself” was created over a period of four years and offers a direct insight into the topic of self-discovery, that had a strong impact on me in my youth and allowed me to grow. The artworks are meant to change the perspective of the viewer to see the world from a different angle. The series stands behind the motto “See the bigger picture”.

In addition to the series, I am going to show completely new works that are representing an exclusive insight into my future projects. These striking and colorful paintings have been created with a unique technique that I have developed in my studio over the past two years. There I managed to get the paintings up to seven centimeters out of the frame. All the new artworks are painted on my designed “Infinity Frame”.

I would love to welcome you to the opening of my first exhibition on March 16. 2018 here in Hamburg.



Opening day: Friday, 16.03.2018, 6pm

Closing event: Sunday, 15.04.2018, 6pm

Studio Bizco + Emily
Stockmeyerstra├če 41-43
20457 Hamburg